We specialize in the production and export of firewood to European Union countries. We also export high quality 6mm wood pellets and RUF wood briquettes.

UAB “Vudlita” is your reliable partner in biofuel products!



Dry and naturally moist firewood packed in wooden pallets.

Available in lengths from 25 to 45cm

Packing – in pallets or bags

forest pellets

en-plus a1 lt320

Diameter – 6mm

Ash – <0.5%

Packing – 15kg bags



RUF briquettes packed in 10 kg bags. The pallet contains 96 pieces of bags.

about us

JSC “Vudlita” was established in 2010 and specializes in biofuel production and export to European union countries. We have long-term partners in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, France and Italy. Our main goal as a company is to build strong relationships with our customers based on mutual trust and fulfill their needs according to the current situation. The products what we selling is - firewood, wood pellets and RUF wood briquettes. The kind of firewood - ash, oak, hornbeam, birch and alder. We packing is in standard two or one space meter wooden boxes. If customer's request we can also pack in other box diameters. There are special roofs in our production area where we naturally drying firewood. Under the roofs there is 2,000 cubes of prepared firewood. We also sell 6mm wood pellets. The pellets are EN PLUS A1 highest certificated. The certificate number is LT320. Packaging is available in big bags or in 15kg bags. RUF briquettes are made of softwood or 100% birch



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